Your Sense of Service Worksheet

In the context of a direct service relationship with another person or person(s) including the organizational context, the following questions will align you with the decision discipline built into The Good Decision. In relationship to the options offered by the decision in front of us:

Pause I: How do I feel about each option. Take enough time to actually frame the considered options and get a sense for each of them? How does the person in front of me feel? How clear we on what is good for that person? You will probably need to time help the person receiving the service connect with the concept of ‘good’ as understood in this process.

Pause II: Can I share the consequences of the option being considered by the person being served with my own community and expect support or resistance? Can the person is front of me do the same? What is the social price of the decision? Even in service we will facilitate decisions and options that counter our Sense of Good or counter the Sense of the person we are serving. If you feel the need never to share the outcome of this service relationship with your community you are agreeing with yourself to house inside your body/brain/mind a secret containing the energy of a personal moral transgression. We all probably do that under certain strained circumstances and that is moral stress, but if your Service context requires this repeatedly of you will find yourself in moral distress and a change is required of you for your own long term health.

Pause III: Can I ethically and legally support the option. Can the person(s) in front of me do the same. Can we adopt the option to be ethical and legal? If not, what is the price of violating the ethical code or law and can we live with those consequences?