Robert Jahner

In the course of 35 years being privileged to play minor role in the Disability Movement and then being a consultant to organizations trying to match their work to their mission language I became aware we as individuals and as individuals in organization were defined at some level by the decisions we make. Both private individuals and organizations are both made and unmade by their decisions. I also had political experience and came to deeply appreciate the work implied in the word ‘democracy’ which is a form of collective decision making. In the last years of my formal work I developed and tested The Good Decision. Where I presented I found people worked through the 4 Pauses and felt a new sense of awareness both as responsible individuals with a unique authority, and as members of a community. Most importantly this model gave them a new way of relating to such troublesome concepts as authority, hierarchy, tradition, morality and ethics. This is a free website for anyone to use. In these troubled times this is the best I can do for you. Please use this and feel free to make recommendations and suggest improvements. For me this is an act of service to a very complex diverse country that I feel privileged to be a part of.

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