Dear Reader

I am reaching the point where I would call this the first finished draft. Though I have worked and trained The Good Decision in a variety of workshop settings, putting it out there for a general audience has required significant adaptation and it is a first draft because I feel it is far from its final rendition. Conceptually I am satisfied with the content, but it needs to be read and challenged or also positively reinforced if you see something that rings true for you. There seemed to be an indeterminate number of spelling and grammatical issues as I read adapted and revised but I am at the point where perhaps I am ‘writer blind’ to the corrections needed. If you read one or all of the Pauses I would be grateful to hear from you. At its most basic level I am trying to address perhaps one of the most critical issues facing us as individuals, members of communities, and citizens of a democracy . . . hope you can respond to those concerns and challenges.

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