Why The Good Decision

Why The Good Decision in this time? Initially this decision model was built for human service professionals who had to make decisions about benefits and eligibility. Later I developed versions for churches and finally a national insurance/financial services organization. In every level of development I held to my own rule that the language and structure of the model remain as unbiased as possilbe in language and presentation. To do that at the outset of development I had to go to the human brain as a biological organism and predictable system and as best I could develop a model that conformed to the biological structure we all share regardless of race, color, creed, or gender. And why now this version of The Good Decision? You will see in the four Pauses that between Pause II and III you will encouter the chasm that divides America and much of the globe. We are conflating our individuality and community senses with our sense of politics or public selves. From the outset the framers of the constitution and democracy itself warned against this temptation. Democracy demands more energy from the brain in that the citizen must hold a specific role; the public self. This unnatural act makes it possible for laws to be written that protect the vulnerable and promote the vital. The public self can set aside certain non-universal aspects of religious beliefs to make room for religious diversity in a complex society and its laws. Every decision we make requires pause to contemplate our Sense of Good and our Communities collective Sense of Good and how those predispositions impact our social fabric in the political realm. The tolerance it takes to make this happen represents perhaps a shared value in the citizens of the democracy that approaches a form of civil religion. Ultimately tolereance is a civil grace that follows the ability to include differences and the ‘other’. Democracy is hard work, but no one has offered a better alternative. The Good Decision is hard work and I am offering no miraculous or easy solutions here. But if we collectively embraced the decision model and its discipline, I believe our system of government might just have a chance across the 21st Century and you might have the good life you are seeking.

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