The Good Leader and a Path Forward

The good leader lights the fire, but the fuel for the fire’s resilience resides in those being led. As we watch the poll numbers of various groups coming to their decisions for this next election, it is becoming clear that the poll patterns do not reflect the stereotypes that drive today’s overly simplistic public conversations. Groups deemed by one side as racist seem to at times be collecting a larger diversity of voters than their opponents and conversely groups who passionately feel they are non-racist and diverse find themselves trapped in their own uniform demographic. We need more than throwing lit matches at logs and hoping for ignition leading to change. We need the kindling of real connection.

Anymore the political season exhausts me. I care deeply because much of my life was invested in the politics of change for social justice in the living realm of disability. Political action and the resources that come from political action are matters of life and death for some people. In fact right now political action is a matter of life and death for our children, grandchildren and future generations. Currently more than ever due diligence’ is being asked of us adults as our ‘homework’ for a future just as we expect the children to do their homework for their futures. When have you last read a book that is not a diversion but rather a disciplined study of an issue that fairly addresses all sides? When have you last changed the channel? If you are a liberal, when was the last time you deliberately tried to see how and why caring and intelligent conservatives think and act the way they do? That same question can be put the the conservatives about liberals. I wrote earlier about extreme positions which I believe are neither liberal or conservative but rather trend towards rigidly dogmatic and ideological. The article of faith the gets me through the day residing above the pull of despair, bitterness and rage is that our society is composed largely or at least in a strong majority of caring people who diversely want to use their intelligence to provide for each other and the next generations. 

The Good Decision was developed initially for professionals whose work required them to make complex decisions and live with the consequences. The Good Decision Project is an extension of an unfolding understanding that elders, parents, and children all must do their homework and struggle to connect across the dark patches to create a future of mutual understanding. Elections exhaust me because so often I see people shooting out the lights rather than illuminating a mutual path forward. We are better than that.

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