Your Sense of Good: Next level

You find here a grouping of deeper considerations to help you hopefully understand what brought me to the structure of The Good Decision. I would be grateful to hear your reflections, objections, and recommendations. I consider The Good Decision to be a work in progress and your insights will be invaluable in moving TGD to the next level. But first lets look at the nature of the Pause.

The Practice of the Pause

The first purpose of all the pauses is to let time pass over your considerations. Our brains convey to us a sense of almost easy continuity in our conscious experience, but it fact, just below our conscious experience, a staggering work load for our neurobiology is a reality we all share. Gratefully our conscious lives are spared the awareness of the prodigious workload of our brains. A pending decision intensifies the brain’s work and to the degree you can create or parse out time for the brain to manage its work within its limitations, you are doing yourself a favor that will lead to improved health and better decisions. Your Sense of Good pause needs you to stop long enough to breath and feel your body’s message. Chances are a lot of well meaning people have told you what good is and how to be good. You may even be a bit confused about what you mean about good in a particular decisional process. Some people pray, some meditate and some contemplate and these can be useful ways to Pause. I caution you however that if these practices are too complicated, you are only distracting your sensory system rather than pausing to feel the primary physical response of your body to the options. In this pause you want to know minimally if the whole person feeling of the moment is positive, neutral or negative. Concentrate on the body and not other considerations because the subsequent Pauses will take you though the broader considerations in a planned sequence of due diligence. Remember your body and brain already know how they feel and they simply want you to slow down enough for the mind the tag their Sense of Good with a few words for tracking purposes. Knowing Good is a worksheet to help you intensify your Sense of Good and find a few words to make it accessible as you move down the line of considerations.

Go to Menu and click on Your Sense of Good Worksheet under Your Sense of Good.

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