The Conversation

In the end my goal is to seed a conversation about how we talk with civility about things that probably matter to most of us . The structure of the Good Decision can in the end allow us cover the a large spectrum of today’s issues and controversies. Please join us with your reflections, recommendations and of course Corrections.

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I appreciate comments, disagreements, corrections and of course any encouragement. I will respond either on the website or through email as appropriate.

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4 thoughts on “The Conversation

  1. Priorities

    Pain, the price one’s charged to feel,
    Courage, the cost of being real
    Do I want either, can I hide
    It’s more than I can bear inside.

    Numbness may mean lack of life,
    Unlike the proof beneath the surgeon’s knife,
    Where blood running freely and sensitivity to touch
    Are vital signs for other eyes to watch, and rejoice-
    What bleeds can heal.

    Shall I be touched, shall I feel
    Will or will I not be real?
    S. Mullany


    • Thank you for your contribution to this conversation. Poetry, be it celebratory of nature, memorial of loss, reflection on pain, or discovery of joy is I believe, the deepest tracer of our shared Sense of Good. And surfacing that shared reality of common goodness that is the central point of this project. Thanks for following this work.


      • What a thoughtful contributory site. I am amazed that you find the motivation and fortitude to “hold the place” of Goodness in this era when the sacred is nearly occluded by so much nonsense. Kudos!


      • Thank you for the encouragement. While it can be uphill and a bit lonely at times I can’t help but think the resolution of our difficulties will need to be radically different from the approach that got us into this painful situation.


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