The Good Decision Project

This Website offers you a chance to pause, focus and streamline your decision process. You are invited to claim your time to make the good decisions leading to a good life. By a good life this means living with personal agency, more internal peace, less suffering and the life energy to do the good work. If you want to get started now in learning this process, click on the green button below. Otherwise continue on down the page where we offering organizations demonstrating working versions of good action arising from commitments to their good decisions. This website continually sorts through gloom mining for the ‘hope that motivates. Enjoy the ‘Boxes of Hope”.


Excerpt from: The Poems of Others

Is there no end to it/ the way they keep popping up in magazines/then congregate in the drafty orphanage of a book./. . . You would think the elm would speak up/but like the dawn it only inspires–then more of them appear./Not even the government can put a stop to it.

Billy Collins from his book Ballistics Poems

Building “Good” Boxes of Hope

What you see below are Projects across this nation that seem to be taking unique positive approaches to healing our divides. Included are mission statements and links to those projects. These efforts inspire hope and maybe for you become examples of ‘Good’.

Weave: the Social Fabric Project

The Weave Mission: We believe relationships can transform our lives and our communities… and ultimately mend our deeply divided nation. We work in our neighborhoods and towns to create connections and lead with love. The Weave Project connects and supports us.

The Bridge Alliance Project

The Bridge Alliance Mission: Join citizens from across the country to bridge the divides that separate us and help fix our political system now. This website connects you to an Alliance devoted to helping people of diverse political positions find common ground through seeking shared realities. The is a remarkable website to use as a resource in finding models and support for healing the divisio

The Good Decision Project article in The Fulcrum. We were pleased with the recognition and the space in this national effort.

The Fulcrum: Leveraging our Differences

Our mission

The Fulcrum is a platform where insiders and outsiders to politics are informed, meet, talk, and act to repair our democracy and make it live and work in our everyday lives.

Good and the Reinforcement of Hope

The Conversation continues . . see how things are changing with The Good Decision and our renewed commitment to hopeful activism.

Todays Good Work

Common Ground Committee

Let’s Depolarize & Unite America


Photo by Pixabay on

Today’s Good Work

The Braver Angels Project has published a video entitled: A Catholic, a Jew, and a Protestant Walk Into a Bridge-Building Movement. We have to start somewhere!

Website Ethic and Values

Nature models the tipping points but we can manage them through good decisions


True integration will be achieved by true neighbors who are willingly obedient to unenforceable obligations.”  

Martin Luther King

Good Decisions leading to good action.

What can the individual meaningfully do for a world in trouble? This website is set up to tackle that challenge as we sit on the tipping point. This website is offers you an opportunity to learn and work a model designed to help you make grounded, focused decisions in your private and public life. The design and discipline will also allow you to infuse your evolving “sense of goodness” into your decisions so regardless of the social and political environment at any given moment you can experience some peace in your own self and identity. The design is a tutorial covering four Pauses or Lenses. To get started click on ‘start tutorial’ below.

The Good Decision Project offers different ways to participate and contribute. The first offering is to use this website to discover a sequence of Four Pauses leading to good decisions and learn how you might use them to give you better traction in your personal and public decisions in these difficult times. The second offering is to participate in the Conversation/blog devoted to expanding the coalition of people doing good in all its forms. I post comments approximately once a week the nature of the word good relative to current events and you are invited to follow this website and ‘weigh in’ with your perceptions. The more people submit feedback the more helpful and interesting this important conversation will become.

Your participation in the development of the TGD website would be helpful and appreciated. Subscribing allows you to receive the regular postings in email and engage as you wish in this emergent conversation.

The Good Decision: Overview of the Process

Each of the four Pauses offers a critical lens through which as a completed sequence you can perceive and choose the best option. These four lenses are built to guide you to the good decision and follow through action. Start your tutorial either by clicking on the blue button or one of the buttons below the four Pauses.

First lens to ground your Sense of Good
Second Lens to connect to your community
Third Lens for democracy your public self
Fourth Lens to genuinely serve

The Good Decision (TGD) Workshop

TGD began as a workshop for private non-profits, business and public service agencies. I am now offering this website as a free public service. The Good Decision workshop is an excellent organizational retreat format particularly for service organizations and public agencies. For financially hard pressed service agencies I may be able to offer this workshop for expenses only. For more information on the workshop contact me at robertjahner@thegood I am based out of the Denver Colorado area.

Bias Disclaimer:

The Good Decision Project Values

1.  Service:   Genuine service is hard work, but unmistakable in its expression. The group, congregation, business or organization that provides genuine service thrives inspired by poeple’s instinctive recognition of the real thing.

2. Sense of Good:  Goodness is a complex individual human attribute that in the collective can heal this planet. Goodness is an internal cultivation that grows in constant change with the individual, community and public realm.  Good’s internal process needs words and language to breath and spread beyond the individual experience.

3. Pluralistic democracy:  The American experience at the center of it’s aspirational goodness is founded on tolerance of what you don’t understand, and  a commitment to understanding beyond your individual experience.  We as public people must learn to live with internal integrity in governance and the composition of legitimate rule of law. Finally we need the humility to understand all virtue is in part aspirational in the democratic process

The Good Decision Ethic
The contemplation of an action or option that would harm another person or that person’s options based solely on considerations of race, color, ethnicity, religion, or gender falls outside of the realm of the Sense of Good in the context of The Good Decision (TGD). Life is full of ambiguous decisions for first responders, medical practitioners, armed service personnel, and service providers in general. There is however a difference between complex, difficult decisions and the conscious contemplation of harm. TGD is designed specifically to assist in those complex, difficult and ambiguous service decisions.

The Good Decision

To get started with ‘The Good Decision Process’ click on the link below

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