The Good Decision Overview

A good decision made from a genuine Sense of Good may be the most radical act we perform as individuals and community in turning our cultures back toward peace and productive work. We need a deep, personal response for good in this very troubled world. That is what this project is about; small contributions made by individuals immersed in community doing good.

Just a thought

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them

Albert Einstein as quoted by reverend Wendy williams Jefferson unitarian Church

The Good Decision; a simple discipline for good outcomes in your personal and public life

The Good Decision is a simple discipline broken into four Pauses or moments of consideration that connect you to your Sense of Good, Community, Public Self, and Service Self. From this sequence of four considerations a good decision can develop and execute. Click on the header blue print to start the journey of the Four Pauses of the Good Decision.

Values, Ethics and Guidelines

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Working Hope: People working their Sense of Good

Click on the header above to see Projects that reflect organized movements toward goodness and service to bridge the divisions in our culture, deescalate anger, and build common cause across diversity. Real active work is modeled here. Below are the highlighted current projects for good

This weeks highlighted organization doing good work . . .

National Civic League

  • Mission: ENGAGE ACROSS DIFFERENCES. Advancing civic engagement to create thriving communities

What if this was today’s headline? there is hope out there

These friends rescued harvests headed for the trash and helped turn food waste into millions of meals

The Conversation/Blog

Everything is theoretical until it encounters todays issues and events. Good is tested and grows in relationship with today’s realities. The Blog posts are from the Project, but we are looking for your response and your Sense of Good to assist in constructing a civil conversation across any differences. We hope you will build a vocabulary of immediacy for what you personally mean by good. Good is dynamic and always seeking meaning and words through integrity. Click “the Conversation in the banner above for the Posts click below to read the latest posts.

The Project Overview from The Fulcrum

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