What Good is Writing into the Wind?

I frequently receive spam email telling me my following is not strong and of course they have just the products to correct that problem for my website. Occasionally I receive encouraging notes in my spam folder letting me know they found the content of this website very valuable and helpful to them. If anybody writes anything human at all about this website and content I am gratified. But in the end I have to admit that my website intended as a gift to community exists only because I write. I may be writing into the wind and what good is that?

Here is the deal. I have noticed how trees and plants invest their seeds into the wind. In nature, one does does not see the botanical world folding up the tent because the flora can’t be sure if their seed is doing any good or is sufficiently appreciated. I feel and think and therefore I write. I follow the world’s news which is often a painful endeavor. I have the spiritual gift of a mind that must process conundrum and seek coherence. Coherence, even when the news is not good, is good. If we understand through coherence we can respond. If we respond with good intention, the wounds and suffering we see around us will begin to resolve. My efforts at coherence are not always right, and when right, not perfect. So this website and its blog postings are not so much a last word in affairs but an invitation to struggle with me, communally, to find coherence and good response to the world’ s joys and suffering. For now though I write into the wind because there is hope one of these little missives, like wind blown nature will find fertile soil and do some communal good. At my age and stage, that is all I need. That is my Sense of Good. 

Update: I have recognized areas in the website that were simply not very functional or too wordy. I am finishing a revision of this website and hope I have improved the accessibility of its content.

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